Elixirs Album – Downloadable MP3 Version (Most Devices)


This item is the full 20-track Elixirs album in a downloadable high quality 192 kbps MP3 format, useful for nearly any device or music service (An AAC version optimized for Apple devices is also available at the Elixirs Shop page).

Lauren’s debut album “Elixirs” is now available for purchase! “Elixirs” is a carefully selected collection of songs from a variety of musical genres. Some of the pieces are longstanding favorites from artists such as James Taylor, Billy Joel, and The Beatles. You’ll also find new additions to Lauren’s repertoire by artists such as Bach to Adele and everything in between. Every piece on this album has either great meaning to Lauren, or is a piece that clients regularly request.


This album is a combination of some repertoire staples that I’ve played for 20 years or more, as well as some new additions. Nearly every piece has a story attached to it, or a special place in my heart. Other pieces are ones that clients regularly request for their special occasions and I wanted to include those as well. I have played since I was six, and trained as a competitive pianist for at least a decade after that. In between competitions, festivals, and performances, my piano was the only thing in my life that never let me down. I took out every emotion on the beautiful instrument I inherited. I play an antique Apollo baby grand (featured on the “Elixirs” album cover art), which my great-grandmother, Agnes, purchased during The Great Depression. It had ivory keys for years, I put nicks in many of them, but the tactile experience of playing on ivory is synonymous with my growth as a child. Eventually it was rekeyed and it has always been very well taken care of, and it is my absolute prized possession.

Music expresses that which cannot be said, and about which it is impossible to remain silent.

-Victor Hugo